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Commercial and Residential Fire Resistant Coating

Interior Substrates

Spraytek Coatings Pty Ltd is an established company based in Bondi, specialising in the application of intumescent paint on a range of substrates including plasterboard, fibrous plaster, lath and plaster, timber, and pressed metal.

Structural Steel Substrate

Spraytek Coatings Pty Ltd also offers services to the construction industry to apply intumescent paint to steel either on construction sites or prior to installation in locations such as steel fabricator’s workshops.

What are intumescent coatings?

Intumescent coatings have an appearance similar to that of traditional paint, although the coating thicknesses are greater and require specialist knowledge to apply the products using airless spray equipment in order to provide a fine finish.

How do intumescent coatings work?

The intumescent coating expands to many times its original thickness. This creates an insulating foam like coating or char which protects the substrate whether it is steel, plasterboard or one of a range of other substrates. Coating thickness is dependent on the type of substrate, the fire resistance specified and the intumescent paint to be applied.