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Intumescent Fire Rating for interiors

Intumescent Fire Rating of Steel

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the work?

This is dependent on the size of the project, but as a guide if the work commenced on a Monday morning the residents could return late on the Friday.

Do residents have to vacate the premises?

Yes, for reasons of health and safety and especially as all areas are protected with masking using plastic..

What are the steps involved in the project?

All walls furniture fixtures and fittings, including flooring are protected with plastic sheeting.Electrical items in the ceilings are lowered and wrapped, or removed. Undercoat is spray painted, followed usually with three coats of CAP 508 intumescent paint and a top coat is applied in the ‘wet’ areas, being kitchens and bathrooms.

Are certification documents included?

Yes, Spraytek Coatings issues a certificate stating that the product has been applied according to the manufacturer’s specification and it complies with the most recent Australian Standard. In addition CAP RFID tags are attached to each ceiling.

Does this paint coating have to be repeated after a number of years?

There is no requirement to re-apply the coating. If water damage occurs, for example from a ruptured water tank, it can be repaired.

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